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Gypsy's Tale is a small third person adventure game, where players take control of Gypsy, an inquisitive, cheeky Golden Retriever. Run around and cause mischief in an inner-city park interacting with families, steal frisbees, finding bones and making friends.

Gypsy's Tale was a semester-long project, developed by 7 games development students under the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). Any and all feedback would be appreciated as we are eager to improve our skills!

We hope you enjoy!


Left-Analog Stick: Controls the player.

Right-Analog Stick: Controls and zooms the camera.

A Button: Select button.

B Button: Main interaction button throughout the game.

Start Button: Pauses the game.

Install instructions

  • Download the file.
  • Unzip "Gold_Final_Build.zip"  to a destination of your choosing.
  • Open "Gold_Build_Final"
  • For PC run "Gold_Build_Final.exe"
    • Create a shortcut by Right Clicking "Gold_Build_Final.exe"
    • Click "Create shortcut"
    • Move "Gold_Build_Final.exe - Shortcut" to wherever you wish.

Do not delete or edit "Gold_Build_Final_Data". Doing so WILL break the game.


Gold_Final_Build.zip 58 MB


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Not bad! I think the strongest points are the art and level design, as the gameplay itself is a little underwhelming. But overall, a fun little experience!

Hey CoalFire, thanks so much for the video and feedback! I was worried at first but in the end really enjoyed the video, I'm also glad you enjoyed the game too :)